CHINA-Category Manager
Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, China Full Time Mid Level

Job Responsibilities:

1. Structure and execute sales strategy base on the trends and opportunities of each of our target country
2. Establish quick and efficient communication with sellers to understand their product line and their strength in terms of category.

3. Ensure smooth operation between offices, teams, sellers

4. Optimize general catalogue healthiness of your category (Page views, conversion, returns, cancellation, enriching brand portfolio etc)

5. Monitor the return and cancellation rate of the SKUs in the category in order to meet our customer expectancy.

6 .Monitor the stock of the top SKUs to avoid lost sale.

7. Guarantee the authenticity of the catalogue by monitoring incidents of counterfeit and prohibited goods.

8. Exucute marketing plans for new brands/SKUs launches together with seller and local selling team, pushing the sell out.



1. Bachelor degree or above. Fluent in oral and written English, Spanish will be a plus.

2. Have more than 3 years sales experience in overseas market.

3. Confident & energetic, strong self-motivation. Drive for problem solving.

4. Good communication skills and leadership. Ability to handle multiple tasks.

5. Data driven and high skills with excel.

6. The experience with sales in e-commerce/cross border business will be a plus.