CHINA-Logistics Specialist
Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, China Full Time Mid Level

Job description:

1. Deal with seller issue solution. Review and monitor monthly service standards achievement, compile statistics report regularly and conduct investigation on non-conformance cases.

2. Participate in operations studies to develop new service or change processes to address business needs.

3. Assist in project management to ensure the deliverables, such as DTS reduction 3 days, Pick up service, FBL, etc.

4. After sales operations follow up and problem solving, such as customer complaints, quality analysis and improvements, operations process improvement.

5. Prepare shipping documents for FBF shipment, make the coordination with 3PL and suppliers to smooth the shipment.

6. Warehouse management and supply chain management.


  1. Bachelor. Logistics management, Foreign trade, English education background.
  2. 2 years of shipping experience to handle EXW/FCA/FOB shipment.
  3. Good communication skill and activity organization ability.
  4. Good oral and written English, CET-6 is preferred.
  5. Be familiar to use office software, such as, word, excel and PowerPoint,etc.